PUSPUNI: A Celebration of Agricultural fest in Western Odisha

Puspuni Known as the second most important agricultural festival of western Odisha after  Nuakhai. It is celebrated on the day of ‘Pausa Purnima” (fool moon day of month “Pausa”).

As the majority of people in this region depend on agriculture.so they celebrate this festival with joy. While Nuakhai is celebrated after the flowering of paddy. “puspuni” is observed to celebrate the harvest of the crop. The farmers of Western Odisha develop paddy on their agricultural land in the course of monsoon and harvest in autumn.  After they bring home all the yield they locate blissful of all the toils and ride a superb feel of satisfaction. This inspires them to celebrate the moment with family and friends

The festival provides a much-needed break after the tiring of agricultural work. It also marks the end of the work contract between landowners and agricultural laborers and the beginning of a new one.

There is no ritual of worshiping any deities during the festival. It is only associated with fun and merry-making. Emphasis is given on food. Especially rice puddings, cakes, and nonveg foods especially Goat meat.


Puspuni 2020 Date:12 Jan 2020

Puspuni 2021 Date- 29 Jan 2021


From this apart, one more great event that is observed on this Puspuni is ‘Chere-Charaa”, The word is derived from two Sambalpuri words, Chere and Charaa. Chere-Charaa means “grains for the birds” children were seen moving from door to door singing the Chher Cheera song. And collect Rice, Vegetables, cash from every household. they prepare food and feast away from Home. Chher Chhera is also given away to the poor families who do not own agricultural land and or depend upon the Farmers.

Puspuni sambalpuri song- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J75j3-5HcU4

Bhuti and Nistaar

On this day of Puspuni, the farmer offers away the remuneration to all workers of all the agricultural operations. This remuneration is known as Bhuti. So also, the farmer offers away some annual bonuses to them. This bonus is referred to as Nistaar. With this Nistaar the annual contract of labor ends for the preceding agricultural year. As the lexical which means of the phrase nistaar is “freedom”, for an agricultural laborer, Puspuni capability the independence day and hence, social gathering.