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Your CV Has 7 Seconds to Get a Recruiter’s Attention

It’s very important to get the recruiter’s attention on your profile. Make sure all the required information will be easily identified. They will scan a profile just in 7 seconds. 

⦁ Log in with your username and password

⦁ From the navigation bar, go to Profile > Edit profile

Photograph: Upload an expert profile picture – need to ideally be in white or black. Have a first-class expression, smiling, look straight in the eye. Dress – formal.

Name: fill in details

Headline: it’s important. Think properly to showcase your strength

Location & Industry: fill in important points – this is a necessary discipline for a hundred percent profile completeness.

(Leave area straight away beneath this blank, it will reflect automatically from your profile, as soon as you entire it)


Specialties: (these are your keywords, i.e. phrases by means of which a recruiter would search you by using – Do updating this regularly )

Experience: (Should have a minimum of three positions, one cutting-edge and two past)

Languages: fill in details

Skills: Fill in the same as specialties (except removing company names/designation if mentioned in specialties)

Education: Mentioned your education details from the latest and which is relevant to specialization with a year of completion.

Add details.

Under “Activities & Societies” – add at least one line. (Can provide some educational fulfillment also)

Under “Additional Notes”: Add a note related to the Institution, which indicates your satisfaction in your institute and offers institute‟s stature (taken from an institute internet site – eg main institute for…)


Suggest you have at least 5 recommendations in your profile

The value of recommendations is in this order – reporting manager, seniors, customers, colleagues, buddies & family.

Additional Information:

Website: You can provide current organization websites, a private blog/website, and your most relevant/recent academic institute‟s website.

Choose the “Others” alternative from the dropdown list. In the textual content field, supply industry/domain vicinity of your organization eg. Food & Beverage industry, Media Company, etc. and in the subsequent tab write the organization website. (this is a risk to add keywords)

⦁ Interest: Look for offbeat or area of interest in private pastimes & hobbies. Example: golf, journey sports activities, etc. If you like studying – specify what you examine – commercial enterprise journals, IT magazines, etc. Try and have at least two hobbies associated with your profile, the place you can use your keywords

Groups & Associations: List at least a couple of organizations or associations you are a member of – it can be professional, social, or academic. Can be on-line organizations too.

Honors & Awards You can point out something for which you may also have obtained understanding if you do no longer have awards to name. Or any extra duties you handle(d), due to your abilities/better performance.

Personal Details

Phone: (good to share if searching for an opportunity) Address (optional)

IM: For skype; Gtalk or Gmail identity – properly to share one of these Birthday: (optional)

Marital Status (Good to specify if you are married)

Contact Settings

What kind of message will you accept?

(I Will Accept introduction and mail) you want to choose this option

Opportunity Preferences Select all (Be open to any networking opportunity)

⦁ Career opportunities

⦁ Consulting offers

⦁ New ventures

⦁ Job inquiries

⦁ Expertise request

⦁ Business deals

⦁ Personal reference request

⦁ Request to connect

Advice you would like to give

You can say: I am a LION – LinkedIn open networker OR Am open to possibilities and would love to connect.

(Need to challenge yourself as an open networker – connecting with others is key)


Customize your LinkedIn Public Profile ID

LinkedIn Profile ID can be modified to something effortless like your name. Go to the alternative of the „Edit profile‟ on the top bar. Then interior the gray field on the first page, the final „Edit‟ choice is for altering your profile. (change it from the variety to your name)

Remove noise from your homepage

Follow the Step via Step Process

  1. On higher proper hand nook of your Linkedin page, click on your name
  2. From drop-down listing click on „Settings‟
  3. Click „Account‟ on the left side bottom
  4. Then click on on “Customize the updates you see on your homepage”

De-click the following from drop-down window:

General- New Connections in your network

Profile Recommendations-

When connections alternate profile photographs When connection replace to a top rate account Applications-

Application replace from your connection then click on on “Save Changes”


You can additionally hyperlink your Twitter account to LinkedIn. (with above „Settings‟ button)


  1. Get at least five Recommendations
  2. Add at least five hundred connections in your LinkedIn profile
  3. Join at least 20 groups
  4. Whenever you switch a job/ get a new designation, replace your LinkedIn profile and additionally replace specialties part with new key phrases (company name/designation)
  5. Infuse key phrases (hard skills) in your profile anyplace feasible (even in interests, internet site title, etc)
  6. Keep your contact important points updated.
  7. Start new discussions and take part in current dialogue on your profile web page and your Groups
  8. Write guidelines for colleagues and friends