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Stop pollution and celebrate Eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

Is this right to share massages, Photos Videos of the polluted sea, and harmed marine lives after Ganesh Visarjan every year??? it has already done. only one thing we can regret and blame others for the pollution. but why should not we are taking steps to aware people of the pollution before the Puja what is happening because of Ganesh Chaturthi. maybe some percentage of Pollution we can reduce if we can take stands before the problem happening.

Every year thousands of Murti were immersed in the sea. As a result, our beaches are polluted, fishes are suffocating, and millions of gallons of water wasted. People booking Murtis before some days which looks attractive for the eyes. but paints have laid which is poison. lead-based paints were banned for residential use in 1978. but we are using paints which have laid and other toxic products which go to the seawater during Visarjan and polluted the seawater and thousand marines killed and also we are eating poison which was mixed with the salt of the sea.

Is this Fair to do???????????

We can take a stand. we can celebrate eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi and suggest friends and relatives too.

Steps for Biodegradable Idol-

1- We can use Ganesh Idol of mud with seeds inside it( Mitti ki murti)for Pujan. We can place the statue in a pot for Visarjan and by watering it everyday seeds will germinate. we will get plants from the pot.

2- We can use natural colors instead of oil paints.

3- We can use Permanent Idol-like a statue of ( Gold, Silver, marvel). After Visarjan in a bucket of water, we can keep it back.

4-We can use water-soluble products like Alum which is used for water purification for making Ganpati Idol.

5- Biodegradable materials like clay and papier-mache also we can use for Idol.

6- For Rangoli, We can use biodegradable colors like Turmeric, Henna, Rice powder, Cloured Dal, and Gulal.

So This year celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi With Biodegradable Murti, Biodegradable Rangoli, and With lots of Modak and Aarti.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.