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HENDUA- Authentic Cuisine of Western Odisha

Hendua is a famous cushion of western Odisha, used for making curries.

As Hendua is interesting and famous, people used to search  to know more about it but they are always confused between Hendua and Karadi. So here we will clear the confusion.

What is Hendua

Dried chopped bamboo shoots is known as Hendua or Henua, which is used to enhanced the flavours of curries.

How to make Hendua/ Hendua Recipe/ Difference between Hendua and Kardi

Firstly People collect the new baby bamboo shoots(baunsa gaja) from the forest. They chopped them, soaking them in water for 4-5 days to decreasing the hardness of bamboo shoots. Now, this is called “Karadi” or “kardi”.

After bamboo shoots turns into Kardi, it will be dried for many days. The powder of dried bamboo shoots is known as Hendua. And people using this Hendua in both veg and Non veg curries. Chutneys and many more.

Hendua Patalghanta

But the dish “Hendua Patalghanta” is the most famous dish which express the test of mix flavours of Tomato and Hendua , which will taking you to Heaven.

Famous Dishes by using Hendua

Hendua Patalghanta ( Mix flavor of Tamato and Bamboo shoot)

Jhuri Hendua( Small fish & Bamboo Shoot)

Hendua Thuk Thuka( Mix veg and Bamboo shoot dish)

Laha Saag Hendua( Spinach and Dry bamboo fry)