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KARADI- Desi Khana of Western Odisha

What is Karadi

karadi, or karida (bamboo shoot) is a traditional food(desi Khana) of western Odisha. It is popular mostly in the Berhampur and Sambalpur areas; and also in areas adjacent to dense forests. It is available in the markets during the sprouting season of bamboo. As monsoon arrives, the people in the natives crave for Kardi.

How to make Karadi

Firstly People collect the new baby bamboo shoots (baunsa gaja) from the forest. They chopped them, soaking them in water for 4-5 days to decreasing the hardness of bamboo shoots. Now, this is called “Karadi” or “kardi”.

These days it has been a common scene to find strong smelling ”karadi” being s0ld by the roadside in towns  and markets. And surprisingly enough, they got vanished within a few hours of their arrival in markets. Since Karadi is available once in a year. They are always in demand.

According to some tribal people, the ”karadi” has helped them a lot in earning a livelihood.

Famous Karadi Recipies

By using this Karadi ( Bamboo Shoots) people makes various types of foods

  • Used in the preparation of Ambil(a sour vegetable soup)
  • karadi saga (Karadi and Pumpkin Leaves
  • Karadi Pickel( Karadi Achara)
  • Karadi Bhaja ( Fried Bamboo shoots)
  • Jhuri Karadi
  • Karadi Pancake

How to make Karadi Bhaja (Fried Bambooshoots) 

Step 1: Peel off, chop and boil Karadi, drain the stock.

Step 2: Split Green Chilli, chop Onion and Tomato.

Step 3: Fry Cumin, Mustard Seed, chopped Onion, split Green Chilli in Mustard Oil.

Step 4: Add chopped Karadi, turn and fry.

Step 5: Add chopped Tomato, Turmeric Powder, Salt, turn and fry

How to make Karadi Pickle(Bamboo Shoot Pickle)

Step 1: Peel off, chop and boil Karadi, drain the stock.

Step 2: Fry Cumin, Mustard Seed, chopped Onion, split Green Chilli, and blend it

Step 3: Warm mustard oil and put it to be cold

Step 4: Add the spices and turmeric, Chilli and salt, Garlic in karadi, and put oil in it. Mix well